Vega Software's AstroClock

the free live astrological wheel for your desktop or device

Now for Windows 10, Mac OS X and iOS

• Accurate wheel
• 6 House systems
• Accurate lists of positions, declination and speed
• Geocentric or Heliocentric positions
• Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac
• Aspect Lines
• Void of Course Moon indicator in Windows system tray or Mac menu bar
• Time slider - see what just happened or what’s coming up
• Customisable look
• Configure to your location
• Automatic time-zone and daylight time adjustment
• Windows system-tray/Mac menu bar rising sign icon
• Windows can be any size and remember their positions
• Supports Mac OS X Retina and Windows HiDPI displays
Transiting aspects and transit-to-natal windows with custom aspects, orbs and natal charts*
* Double-ringed wheel to show natal and transits*
• Logging or scanning ahead of transit aspects*

*these features are in the PRO version only
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Why use AstroClock?
Apart from the obvious interest and fun uses of AstroClock, we have discovered that our many thousands of users have used the clock for more serious purposes. It has great use as an instant horary chart which can be applied to phone calls or any other event that occurs in or around your office. Just by observation, you can learn the relationship between planetary positions and events on earth.
Some users even use AstroClock successfully to help them determine the proper times to trade on the stock exchange. (Astrology has long been successfully used for this purpose, but now it can be done much more simply with AstroClock!) In fact, some of the features of AstroClock were requested by AstroEcon, a unique site with information for traders based on Astrology and Technical factors for US markets.

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Also available for iPhone and iPad (Android coming soon)

Everyone’s favourite feature…
The Ascendant shows up in the Windows system tray and changes to indicate Void-of-Course Moon
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On Mac its in the menu bar…
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PLUS! The new time slider allows you to zoom the clock forward or back to see what’s just about to happen - or what just did!
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Customisable settings for appearance and calculation
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Positions of the planets and houses updated every minute
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Track live aspects to your natal chart and among the transiting planets (Pro version)
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Double-ringed wheels can show the clock transits around the natal or the natal around the clock.
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Traders and electional astrologers can scan the day to see the minute the planets reach the angles or make aspects (PRO version)
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Set the clock face colour to change when the moon goes void so that you really notice it!
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Supports dark mode in macOS Mojave
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