Vega Software's AstroClock

the free live astrological wheel for your desktop or device

AstroClock is a completely free program. There is no nagware, no spyware, no spam or anything else. It is free as it is, and there is no compulsion to upgrade to the PRO version.

All I ask in return is just a little contact to say you downloaded it, and the opportunity to inform you when it gets updates. Just fill in the details below and you will immediately be able to download AstroClock below.

You will not receive spam or any other email from us or from anyone else. If you do give your email address, it is kept secure, not sold or given away. It will only ever be used by Vega Software to inform you of updates to AstroClock.

If you don't need the PRO version but want to express your appreciation, or want to help towards the development of future versions and mobile versions, please visit the Donations page anytime!

If you bought AstroClock from the Mac App Store you already have the PRO version, no need to download, but your comments are welcomed!

AstroClock for iOS is available in the iPhone/iPad App Store (click on the link in the menu above)

Download AstroClock here:

Download AstroClock for FREE. Save the file to your local drive and then run it to install AstroClock.

If you upgrade to PRO you do not need to download the clock again - we will send you a key to type in.

For Mac OS X 10.10 and later
For Windows 7- 10 64 Bit
Legacy: For all 32 bit versions of Windows (previous version)