Vega Software's AstroClock

the free live astrological wheel for your desktop or device

Why Free?

AstroClock was written by well-known South African Astrologer and Author Rod Suskin.
He says: "I wrote AstroClock to give something back to the Internet community - I have downloaded such amazing things, learnt so much and met so many wonderful people through this medium that I wanted to share some of those benefits as a sign of my gratitude.
The PRO version was created in response to a request from AstroEcon, an investment advice service that uses Astrology to predict the markets. The charge is small, but fair since many who use the PRO version use it to make money. I have found, though, that lots of astrologers love the PRO version because of the transit-to-natal feature, which is pretty addictive!
If you want to contact me, drop me a line at
My personal page has information about other books I have written, my astrology practise, my astrology school and more besides - visit me on and search for my channel on YouTube

Thanks for downloading the clock - I hope you enjoy it”